November 10, 2010

a lesson in being.

One of my best friends--who was also my roommate throughout college--makes sure to take a bath every day... Yes, without exception. Every. Single. Day. 

For a long time, this absolutely baffled me. See, I was raised to live by the clock (always set five minutes fast, so as to never, ever be late) and I just couldn't understand it... Didn't she have laundry and work and errands to do? Didn't she feel guilty wasting that block of time? And how--how?--on top of this time-wasting bath habit could she also justify taking naps?!

Well, she called me tonight--from the bath, of course--and it finally clicked. Finally.

Because yes--yes she has laundry and work and errands to do. She has plenty of things she could be filling her time with--but she chooses to put herself on the top of that list. Each and every day, my best friend allows herself that little space of time to just be

And I've decided that I'm going to work on this--on this "stepping-outside-the-day-to-just-be" thing. It's important, I think, to sit in silence, to be your own company. And I used to claim that writing did that for me, but even writing requires a certain degree of alertness, a certain degree of worry.

So for the rest of the month, I'm going to take a note from her and become the sort of girl who takes baths. The sort of girl who sits still, who lets the worries slip to the side for a while as she steals a few moments for herself. 

I'm curious: do you have a daily escape habit? What is it?

**Oh, and P.S. -- Michelle of oh, mishka invited me to do a guest post all about relationships and it's up today, so go check it out! :) If you're new to her blog, you'll love her!

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Ana* said... [Reply to comment]

YAY I am the first one to comment!! I didn't have any daily escape habits until this semester when I had a nervous break-down due to work overload plus the transition from being in a relationship to a horrendous break up. But I made it a point to myself to make time for me. I try to do something for me everyday, whether its knitting, taking a nap, doing my hair, or painting my nails, it always feels good to make time for me.

Lillian Chang said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I always want to take more baths (especially since I just got a new pretty clawfoot tub), but I just feel like I never have the time. I love that your friend takes baths everyday! For years, I saw my bathtub just gathering dust! But I should work on that too :)
But I guess my daily escape habit would be when I crawl into bed and read a couple pages before I fall asleep. It's always so nice to end the day like that, and plus, I sleep better too :)

Ze2red said... [Reply to comment]

that's a very nice thing that your friend does. It's always great to find time for yourself, and know that it's your right to steel this time, because actually it belongs to you and not to the million other things people ask you to do.

My silent time and place is always when i'm writing, because otherwise my mind is always buzzing with thoughts, ideas, conversation, etc... the moment i decide to sit down and write, i -like- order all the voices inside my little tiny head to shut up till it's complete silence and i leave my fingers to type, and oh boy how much relief i feel after that.

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said... [Reply to comment]

What a lovely idea for some time to just "be," as you said! I am going to try to do this as well!

Liesl :)

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I love focusing on just BEING!!!! AHHH that is one of my affirmations in yoga. And I LOVE taking baths!! Hugs and Love! xo

Hannah said... [Reply to comment]

The tattoo on my foot says "Be Still and Know."

It's to remind me to take those moments and just "be."

A lot of times, being involves bubbles and parks. It's kinda weird thing I do :-)

:-) thanks for reminding me what my tattoo is all about again.

P.S. - I wrote about this subject too, but from the side of my religion. The quote at the end and the song remind me of you.

a whole lotta love said... [Reply to comment]

i just stumbled upon your blog just now and its lovely. i am your newest follower :) i love baths too, especially with a nice lavender or sea salt in it. i can't say that i do it everyday, although i used to more (our previous house ONLY had a bath.. which was fine by me). i do go in the jacuzzi though as well, which is the same thing for me. it is so important to take time to be, especially in today's hectic fast-paced world. i recently started a blog called 'a peace train', which is all connecting other blogs that talk about peace, both inner and outer. could i include this as a post? let me know. have a lovely bath :)


a whole lotta love said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks! I had to shrink the pic because it was too large, but here is the post. Glad you could link up :)

my name is lauren. said... [Reply to comment]

i love this. i'm not much of a bath girl myself - for some reason i just can't get beyond feeling like i'm sitting in water filled with my own dirt. i like the idea of baths though :).

my daily escape to just be is probably blogging. it's the one time i get to be exactly who i am and not worry about pleasing others. my blog is just for me. yes i love that other people read it and leave sweet comments, but even if they didn't i'd still keep writing. it's my creative outlet and i am thankful for this little escape.

aside from blogging, i'd say that one of my favorite escapes is a mug of chai and a magazine.

good luck becoming the sort of girl who takes moments for herself!


kid. said... [Reply to comment]

i also love taking baths a whole bunch. at the end of a long day at work or school, and then the dreaded chill of chicago, it always feels so nice to run a super hot bath and take time to just READ for leisure in the tub.

apocalypstick said... [Reply to comment]

I found a scary ass spider in my bathtub two nights ago. I tried to drown it but that probably only made it stronger.

Oh, My Darling said... [Reply to comment]

What a wonderfully inspiring idea! I linger over my cup of coffee every morning. It gets me ready for the day.

dee said... [Reply to comment]

Is interesting to talk about this, i had exactly the same tought a few months ago at the gym. Usually i take 50 minutes to be at the gym whenever it's possible, i can't do it everyday cause i have tons of things to do, but every time i got there i saw a girl (who is there every single day) and she takes ages taking a bath, doing a bit of sauna and chill out at the jacuzzi (not that i'm counting the minutes - i just noticed because when i start trainning she's already done and ready to take a bath, and when i'm ready to leave she's still there relaxing!)

Mandy said... [Reply to comment]

Love this!