September 20, 2010

thoughts on living the creative life.

I had a long conversation this weekend about the creative lifestyle.

See, for a long time i've worried that my type-A, ultra-organized, planning-obsessed personality clashed with the laissez-faire attitude I imagine most artists having. In order to be a "real writer," I've always felt that I would need to have a completely carefree personality, a cluttered desk, and a serious smoking habit.

Well, I have none of these things.
I set alarms. I make to-do lists. I color-code my groceries.

But at the end of the day, writing is a business, isn't it? And all businesses, creative or otherwise, need some sense of structure and schedule to run smoothly. 

Anyone can write. Anyone can put pen to paper. But eventually, you also need the persistence and determination and self-discipline to package that writing, to research your opportunities, and to send the story off for publication. 

In other words--the creative process may be fluid and carefree, yes...but at the end of the day, even the artist needs order.

Phew. Now I can hold onto my color label maker, guilt-free. 

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wilybrunette said... [Reply to comment]

i know what you mean, i love my lists. though often my desk is in a much greater state of disarray than i would like.

Hannah said... [Reply to comment]

girl shoot!

I love post-its as much as the next person (I actually bought three different colors the other day and then showed my roommate in glee. I was kinda pissed she wasn't as excited as me)

AND I'm a creative writing major. It makes things easier actually. I'm the only one in my class who actually has the work done on time and because I listen and take notes I get better remarks and learn more.

so embrace your type A personality writing butt! cause you're pretty damn good!

Sunny & Star said... [Reply to comment]

Lol. Like the person who posted above I love post-its and I have to have a to-do list or else absolutely nothing gets done. But I do enjoy time to be careful when I have time to take a break.

You have a lovely blog. :-)

We are having a our first giveaway over on our blog. I hope you come over to check it out.

Melissa Blake said... [Reply to comment]

I'm the same way, which is why I've sometimes struggled with creativity. Glad to see I'm not alone!! :)

Happy Monday!

~Abby~ said... [Reply to comment]

Ahh yes I'm glad you've realized this! :) Just be care~free in the ACTUAL writing/making of your project. Let your mind wonder & be free!
Enjoy your week. =)


Tamara Nicole said... [Reply to comment]

It's all good, I make lists too . . . but I forget where I put them etc. Ha ha ha. Everyone's creativity is different, and no one's is better than the next ya know?:-)

Oh, My Darling said... [Reply to comment]

This is such a well-written post!!! I completely agree -- from my observations, there are a lot of creative people out there with great talents. But it takes that drive, motivation, and organization to really make something out of that creativity. I think this is the most apparent with music -- there are probably millions of guys with guitars who write sweet lyrics, but only a handful of them are able to work hard enough to reach the level of a John Mayer or something.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

oooh, where did you find a color coordinated label maker!? I need one. :)