September 21, 2010

my two cents: feeling, unchecked.

Sometimes people forbid themselves certain foods or certain purchases or certain lifestyles. They swear off cookies or vacations or going out late-night because they hope it will make them healthier, richer, happier. 

Well, sometimes I forbid myself certain emotions. Sometimes I ban anger. I avoid sadness. I steer clear of melancholy. Sometimes, anything less than a 100-watt sunny disposition seems not okay.

This, of course, is ridiculous. I'm well aware.

Trust me, my background in writing and acting has shown me that inner strength comes from your ability to just feel... at the very heart of theatre and literature is the need to express and celebrate the beauty found in madness, the power found in vulnerability, the grace found in tragedy. The two arts have weaved themselves into my life and taught me the importance of accepting a full--and sometimes, less than pretty--range of emotions.  

But it's something I need to work on including offstage, outside the page.

Because happiness all the time? Contentment round-the-clock?
Well... that would be one seriously boring story.


Kayla Poole said... [Reply to comment]

so true, but I'm guilty of the same :) we have very similar backgrounds it seems (writing & theater). I should email you soon...

ChinkyGirLMeL said... [Reply to comment]

There were times when I have wished I could be a robot, times when I wish I never had to feel pain, hurt, and anger. But then again, if I never felt such emotions I don't think I would ever have felt the sweetness of being happy.

Cassandra said... [Reply to comment]

I love your way with words Laura, I cannot wait to buy your first novel. You better come to Atlanta for your book tour. :)

Cassie said... [Reply to comment]

Great post! You're right~it's about embracing it all. Life can't be boring this way!

Red Boots said... [Reply to comment]

I agree. How can you cherish the good times when you don't have any bad times to compare them to? How can you feel joy if you've never felt pain?

nadiine said... [Reply to comment]

great post :) you're definately one for words! Its all about embracing life and taking all the opportunities that come your way :)

Silver Strands said... [Reply to comment]

I agree, we only have this one life, so let's experience every feeling we can!

You are an excellent writer, by the way.

Wild and Precious said... [Reply to comment]

seriously boring indeed!

well said. vulnerability is such a powerful thing for building deep relationships.

Jade said... [Reply to comment]

i do the same thing to muyself and i wonder "is it really worth it?" no, it's not. i rather have imperfections any day.
p.s. check out my post "Define Awesome", because i gave you an award!

dennicapearl said... [Reply to comment]

this post is thoroughly inspiring.
[: thanks for your thoughts.

im a new follower :D

<3 dennica pearl
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Anna said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE this. so stinkin true!!!

Mocha Mornings said... [Reply to comment]

This post is brilliant.

Carissa said... [Reply to comment]

well said. plus, it's those less than happy times of madness, vulnerability and tragedy that make the joy's in life even that much greater-- and easier to spot.

Catherine said... [Reply to comment]

I think you are so right, it would be wonderful if there was nothing but good and good feelings, but sometimes I guess you have to experience everything else to know when you are happy.