August 9, 2010

off to the west coast!

I left San Diego a little over a year ago... and, well, I've basically missed it every day since. (Seriously. No exaggeration.) So needless to say, I'm very excited to be heading back to the west coast tonight...

First stop: Vegas!
(I may or may not melt in the 114 degree heat... stay tuned.)

Second stop: San Francisco!
As some of you already know, I am moving back to California within the next couple years because--how do I put this?--I just can't stay away for very long. It's impossible. 

See, during my four years in San Diego, I sort of really got used to that whole sunshine-year-round, palm-trees-and-sand thing---and seriously, who can argue with having the beach and the mountains right at your fingertips?

Moral of the story: I can't wait to get back to my favorite state this week.
*All photos were taken during trips to the same places last year :)

(Oh, and I hope you all enjoyed my guest post over at Oh, Mishka this morning!)


Fannadix said... [Reply to comment]

sunshine all year round?
you definitely must have lived in southern california. I live in Northern california and in the bay its never really sunny and in sacramento which is where i am from it gets super cold and it gets super duper cold.

Claire Kiefer said... [Reply to comment]

WHERE is that last picture taken, cause I wanna be in that water pronto! I live in Oakland and work in San Francisco and absolutely love it here, so much. There are too many amazing & beautiful things here . . . I think my heart will break if and when I move away. So glad you get to come back for a visit, and hope you get to stop at all your favorite places. :)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said... [Reply to comment]

Laura Marie that infinaty pool looks like a dream - so delightful! Have a safe trip!

~Abby~ said... [Reply to comment]

Ooohh Vegas that's awesome!
HA I love that last picture!
I live in Indiana, although when I grow up I'm going to live in California! It sounds great.!

Emily said... [Reply to comment]

WOW! your in for a BLAST!
im so jelous. ! :(
have fun though ♥

Jade said... [Reply to comment]

have fun back in california! such pretty photos

Jess said... [Reply to comment]

CALIFORNIA , LAS VEGAS !! Lucky you ! Have fun.
Love all the pics (but specially the last one )

Jaymie said... [Reply to comment]

I am completely and utterly jealous!
i want so badly to have a road trip/ move to america!
all these places look a-maze-ing!

Sunny & Star said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely pictures. I'm so jealous. I've never been to the west coast.

Ashley said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so jealous that you are going to San Francisco! I'm from there and miss it sooOo much! I'm planning on moving back asap! I recommend "The Grove" in the marina on chestnut St. Pretty much the lovliest coffee shop you'll ever go to. :)

Anna said... [Reply to comment]

Ah! Sounds absolutely amazing! Have fun girl!!!! Xoxoxo

Fay Ulrica Lee said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! Sounds like an amazing trip! Have fun xx :)

britni @ Antika Moda said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds WONDERFUL!!! Hope you have a great time :)