August 23, 2010

because i'm a paper-loving nerd.

I'm head-over-heels obsessed with paper source. As in, I'm struggling not to buy...

This date book by Jonathan Adler:
Okay, if I'm really being honest--I'm struggling not to buy the entire store. It's a constant battle, really, One I'm destined to lose. especially since I visit the website weekly... okay, almost daily.

Is anyone else a paper-loving organization nerd?
What are some of your favorite shops?


bayleigh said... [Reply to comment]

Me me me!!! I love everything you mentioned, too!

Hannah said... [Reply to comment]

Totally! In class today my teacher was making fun of me saying I was OCD. I was slightly offended. Just cause I like to obsessively organize things cause it's fun doesn't make me OCD.

Oh and I could spend hours in this little local scrapbook store here in Springfield.

Roshan said... [Reply to comment]

Just happened to find your blog. Love the pictures. And if I may say, you are a cutie.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my, I love it all! I'm such a papergoods nerd, especially a good day planner or notebook!

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said... [Reply to comment]

That camera wrapping paper is too awesome. This place reminds me of Paperchase, which is pretty big over here in the UK.

Morgan T. said... [Reply to comment]

I love, love, love everything you just posted! I'm totally an organizing paper lovin' nerd! :) I might just have to go visit this website now.....

♥ Morgan