July 8, 2010

cracking open the bindings.

Sometimes--randomly--I become terribly, impossibly, excruciatingly restless. 

My regular routine--once a steady, reliable comfort--begins to itch, to irritate, to suddenly feel uncomfortable and stale... stuck in a predictable pattern, I feel cramped and confined.  

For some reason, it hit me today--that sense of unease, of angst. Today I'm craving change and adventure, anything and everything new: a change of scenery, a fresh perspective.

My quick fix? A novel.

This tendency toward restlessness, I think, coincides with my passion for literature: a book, after all, is the quickest way to get outside yourself.

(Photo: raehein)


~Abby~ said... [Reply to comment]

Aw those tulips are cute!
Everytime I become fed up, I read or watch my soap operas, it makes me feel better to worry about someone else's problems! :)

AmyK said... [Reply to comment]

I get restless a lot, too. Never occurred to me to read when I'm restless!