May 5, 2010

because sometimes, joy is created.

“There is one thing one has to have: either a soul that is cheerful by nature, or a soul made cheerful by work, love, art, and knowledge.” -- Nietzsche 

(Photo: Claire)


Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I love this quote!!! I took a forced break from blogging and missed this blog of yours ... forced being my internet went out. BUT ... I have a little something that I will be sending you this weekend... I got a bit hung up but I did not forget. Sending you a hug. xo

Cole said... [Reply to comment]

great quote and beautiful photo!

jackiek said... [Reply to comment]

i just found your blog and i love love love it!
it's so inspiring and happy! and i love all your photos :)


Kipa said... [Reply to comment]

I have been gone for a little while from the blogging world and it's great to see now that I'm back, that your blog is as inspiring as ever :). Great quote.



ALFIE said... [Reply to comment]

gorgeous photo and sincere quote! absolutely LOVE your blog and will be an avid reader :)

Kat said... [Reply to comment]

Aw. One of those very true moments!