April 20, 2010

today i believe...

... that the peace found in nature is wonderful, but there's something really magical about the energy of the city, too.

... that sharing a laugh with a stranger is a lovely and unexpectedly special moment, something to be thankful for.

... that you learn more from asking questions than trying to answer them.

... that sprinting toward the finish is admirable and all, but if you take baby steps instead, you'll get to soak in the scenery along the way.

... that sometimes, daydreams are the best way to pass the time.

... that although we have a tendency to put others up on a pedestal--sometimes, we deserve to put ourselves up there, too.

(Photo: Cora Phillips)


brlracincwgrl said... [Reply to comment]

I just love these lists from you :)

Novelista Barista said... [Reply to comment]

wow i love this picture so much!!!!