April 8, 2010

soul food, of sorts.

There's just something so peaceful and refreshing about sitting down with someone you care about and having an honest, from-the-heart conversation about the things that really matter to you... sharing dreams and fears and those little things that keep twisting themselves into your tangled web of thoughts.

Because the thing is, it's not about what you say--it's the freedom you feel to say anything at all. it's that beautiful feeling of your walls coming down, your innermost truths rising to the surface.

It's the best way to nurture your soul, if you ask me.

(Photo: lillian day)


Tia in the Sky said... [Reply to comment]

funny, I just had one of these talks recently and I really have to agree - they're the best, they make you feel so much better!!

kate. said... [Reply to comment]

I AGREE! "feelings chats" with dear friends can't be beat!

you are such an inspiring writer! i left an award for your blog over on mine :)



Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

lovely photo - that would be the perfect place to sit down and talk, maybe with some lemonade to sip inbetween thoughts.