December 29, 2009

today i believe...

... that having a paid week off (thank you, boss!) for the holidays is a very beautiful thing. 

... that on a cold, snowy day, there's nothing better than curling up in a big, cozy down blanket with a cup of peppermint tea and a good book. (currently reading: a heartbreaking work of staggering genius by david eggers)

... that having a boyfriend who cooks is absolutely priceless - especially when said boyfriend is particularly good at cooking teriyaki salmon, thai chicken salad, and homemade chicken noodle soup. 

... that starting graduate courses next week will be just the fulfillment i'm looking for... masters in writing, here i come!

... that sun is sometimes the best medicine.

... that missing the past is okay, planning for the future is good, but soaking in the present is best.


the southern hostess said... [Reply to comment]

So lovely! You make me remember the little things.

Megan said... [Reply to comment]

Love the one about the past, present and future!

Marisa said... [Reply to comment]

i just love this post... it is embrassing all the little things in our lives that make us truly happy. Congrats on graduate courses, such a brave and wonderful thing to expand ones mind. Thank you for you sweet comment and for visiting my blog. I am happy to have found yours as well. xoxo
*going to read more*

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I have can't wait to catch up on reading your blog!! Having a boyfriend that can cook is PRICELESS... my husband makes the best FONDUE. Graduate classes... CONGRATS to you!!! I start classes next week, after making a switch from Nursing to Literature... so, I as well will be writing, writing, writing. I hope you have a lovely day. xo

erin said... [Reply to comment]

lovely post. got me in the mood for some peppermint tea!

olivia rae said... [Reply to comment]

love all of these!! peppermint tea is my favorite, and your boyfriend sounds wonderful! xoxo

Anna said... [Reply to comment]

i love this. i believe 2010 is going to be THE BEST. i feel it in my heart & soul!!

oh & we definitely are blog bff's & if you lived closer ; ) we would definitely be BFF in real life! ha! either way i am so very happy to have met you!! xoxo-

Gracie said... [Reply to comment]

Aww this really makes me happy! I just believe in new beginnings. And I know this year will be great!!

Ah I can't wait until I can lie down on a beach for a week! Have a fantastic New Year!