December 2, 2009

sun, sun, sun!

A huge piece of my heart was left here back in June...
(Yes... this was literally my front yard)
... and I'm going back tomorrow!

happy can't even capture it. Neither can giddy. Or ecstatic.
I mean, what word can capture the excitement of feeling whole again?

San Diego is my first city love.
(And I'll never get over her.)

Happiest of Wednesdays!


Anna said... [Reply to comment]

have a marvelous time! it looks gorgeous!

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

how fun!! it's beautiful right now, so you're coming at a perfect time!!

have a blast and safe travels!!

Heidi said... [Reply to comment]

have fun girlfriend :) bring us back some sunshine!!!

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

San Diego looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope you have a great time!