November 20, 2009

'tis almost the season...

I'm somebody who loves warmth and sun and summer (hello, college in California!), but I have to admit that my first real winter in four years is actually really exciting... There are now wreaths hanging from the city's lampposts and Christmas lights lining Michigan Avenue... and let's get real here: who doesn't love Starbucks holiday cups, gingerbread houses, cozy mittens and warm fireplaces?

Happy first glimpses of winter!


Cynthia said... [Reply to comment]

oh i know what you mean I can't get enough of the days anticipating winter/christmas!

have a good weekend

christa elyce said... [Reply to comment]

the christmas flavors at starbucks dawn the season itself! eeks I can't wait to cozy up to the fire with my sb cup! yums!
merry happy!

You Are My Fave said... [Reply to comment]

I'm okay with the cold weather and snow up until the holidays are over. Then I gripe for the rest of the season.

prashant said... [Reply to comment]

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