November 16, 2009

oh, just another day in the office...

It is absolutely no secret that I am (a) obsessed with postsecret (b) blog about it weekly and (c) have been a loyal fan and reader since its debut back in '05...
Well, the company I work for is the official promoter for some of the postsecret exhibit dates and guess who called the office this afternoon? The founder--Frank Warren himself!

Seeing his name on our caller ID, I picked it up as fast as I could to have the chance to talk to him... and the conversation went like so:

Me: "This is Laura speaking."
F: "Hi, this is Frank Warren. May I please speak with Jessica?"
Me: "Wait... really? This is Frank Warren? Seriously?"
F: "Yep, seriously, this is Frank."
Me: "Ohmygodyou'rekiddingme! I'm the biggest fan of yours!"
F (laughing): "Thanks, Laura, I appreciate it!"
(Slight pause)
"So... can I speak with Jessica?"

... Okay, so I might not have played it cool but I freaking talked to Frank Warren today! Ridiculous!


Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

this MADE my day...and i definitely needed an amazing laugh this week.

haha i'm still laughing!