October 9, 2009


This is literally all it takes to make me happy:
... but seriously.

(Photo: thibodeau)


Abby said... [Reply to comment]

haha. cute.
doesnt food make your day? mmmm.

ells said... [Reply to comment]

aww that is so adorable ! :) xo

ells said... [Reply to comment]
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Anna said... [Reply to comment]

i love pb&j AND the perks of being a wallflower! two of lifes little reminders that God wants us to be happy. : )

happy friday to you, darling!

nicole addison said... [Reply to comment]

haha me too, me too. this morning i was such a grump and my boss came and surprised me with a cup of coffee. i was instantly happy... amazing :)

Thobeka said... [Reply to comment]

me too!!

Sabrina Katherine said... [Reply to comment]

God that reminds me of eating in the deli and the lady working asking us -- over everyone -- if we wanted "extra" on all of our condiments.


I miss you.