October 5, 2009

me, through sam's eyes

The lovely Sam (aka the other half of my soul) left a really beautiful post about me on her
blog, unconventionally beautiful... which, I might add, was the inspiration for me to create my own blog!

It's always fascinating to hear how other people perceive you, how the people you love and share everything with see your life, your character and your soul.

Here's me, through Sam's eyes:

S h e ...First blog I check every morning, not just my soul mate but the other half of my soul, parallel lives, curly hair, nothing halfway, green eyes, writer, celeb-gossip know it all, French, says her name is "Grace" at Starbucks, diet coke addict, endlessly giving, giggle, selfless, chicaaahgo accent, straight A's, 'just something about that girl' sparkle.

Once said ...
"When I love things, I really love them. This includes everything from people to movies to foods.
and I really feel it, too. It's never that sort of detached, comfortable love. It's always an intense, through-my-body sort of love, even when it's love for, say, Saved by the Bell ... You think i'm kidding."

Note to the readers:
The "celeb-gossip know it all"? Totally true. 
And yes, I also tell baristas my name is "Grace"...
And maybe Jamba Juice employees too...
(Feel free to judge.)


nicole addison said... [Reply to comment]

you're too cute, and what a sweet post your friend wrote you :)