September 15, 2009

unconditional friendship

So, I know I've talked about my friend Sam a lot. But it's really necessary because she's (a) my soulmate
and (b) my favorite blogger (She should be yours, too). 

Yesterday she did a post about the way we understand each other and i'm not sure I've ever been able to describe it as well as she did... We share one of those "we just get each other" relationships where I can tell her how I really feel - not how I should feel... It's a special, unconditional, judge-free, there-before-you-even-need-to-call friendships.
And I really miss her. A lot.
But better to be understood cross-country than not at all, right? 


s a m said... [Reply to comment]

I just did a search of your blog with the word "special" looking for a picture of montmartre and this is what came up first. I love you so much.