September 16, 2009

imagine it

"We lay there and looked up at the night sky and she told me about stars called blue squares and red swirls and I told her I'd never heard of them. Of course not, she said, the really important stuff they never tell you. You have to imagine it on your own."
- Brian Andreas, story people


kim-d said... [Reply to comment]

What a beautiful photo, with an equally beautiful quote.

I just found your blog today, through a link from another. I am probably quite a bit older than your Mom...but my 16-year-old granddaughter tells me I'm a "young thinker."

I hope you don't mind that I follow. I have read back, and I love it here. I've decided that reading your blog is a gift I'm goint to give to myself everyday.

And I agree with Earl the Cabbie. :)

Mary Ellen said... [Reply to comment]

Hi - Stopped by at the suggestion of Kim-D, who's right - your blog is lovely.

laura marie said... [Reply to comment]

aw thank you both! of course i don't mind, i'd LOVE for you to follow :) and if you'd ever like to share a "currently in love with" list of all the things you're loving right now, email it to me ( and i'll post it! <3