September 15, 2009

dear fall, i love you.

I'm really, really excited to go apple-picking this year! It's been such a long time since I've had a real fall 
(palm trees don't exactly change colors...) so I plan on taking complete advantage of the seasons now that I'm back in the midwest! Home sweet home...

Oh and yes, the picture is of me, age two, still rocking a fro.
And yes, that is why I keep my hair long.


Cassy said... [Reply to comment]

this post makes me smile. I LOVE fall, and it is by far my favorite season. I cannot wait for fall colors, fireplaces, boots and scarves :)

ells said... [Reply to comment]

that picture is just the cutest!
i cant wait for autumn too, i have four apple trees in my garden and im getting so many windfalls each day! i love picking the apples off the tree, they are so tasty.
happy fall! xo :)

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

i'm in loveeeeeeeee with this post!!!! i try and get people to go apple picking with me every fall! i think i'm going soon too!

and darling picture! is that you??

laura marie said... [Reply to comment]

haha yeah, that's me :) sadly my baby face hasn't changed much since then... go figure.

chloejessica said... [Reply to comment]

So cute! I want to go apple picking!

Gaia said... [Reply to comment]

I'd like to go apple picking too. It should be an hard job but I think also funny!
You are still so cute?