September 28, 2009

city life, here i come

You know how you tend to sort of live according to where you live? In the last four years, San Diego managed to mellow out my inner Chicagoan, the beach life sinking in and turning me from an anal retentive neat freak to someone who can actually relax and let go... who knew it could happen?

Well, now that I'm moving into the city (Thursday!) I have to say that I am very, very excited to feed off of Chicago's energy, take on that go and do attitude... Working in  the city again, I've realized how much I love being amidst so many people, so many different sorts of people. 
The last four years now seem like a long, relaxing vacation that gave me a chance to recoop and gear up for all the life in the city. And as much as I miss the sand and palm trees, the peace signs and the people, I have to admit: it's good to be back.

(Photo: *cinnamon)


nicole addison said... [Reply to comment]

oh good luck on your move girl, that's so exciting!
i left you an award on my blog :)

Anna said... [Reply to comment]

good luck & have a wonderful adventure!!!
i'm so very envious of your big move! how exciting!!!!!