September 23, 2009

but what if...

I'm a second guesser by nature, someone with a tendency to look back and ask "Well, what about this... this might work better..." (I'm that person who erases scantron answers only to find out 
later that I'd been right the first time in every case.)

But here's what I've realized lately: being cautious sounds like a good thing, but it actually makes you more crazy than anything. Yesterday someone said something to me that was really simple but it stuck with me:

You made the choice for a reason--don't forget that.

I stopped and really listened to that because I realized it's true of all our choices... we do things because of one reason or another and because it feels right to us. And I thought I'd share this because it's probably something we can all learn from:

Stop second guessing yourself. Trust yourself.
Trust that you've made the right choice.


Brett said... [Reply to comment]

My response... Read "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell.

s a m said... [Reply to comment]

My response ... you're right. i did. and thank you for trusting me too.