August 26, 2009

warning: book nerd alert

If you haven't noticed, I really love books.
Everything about them.

I love seeing which words the author uses, the story they choose to tell, and the ending they saw fit. I love the smell of a new book when you first open it and the feeling after you finish one you've fallen in love with - sort of disappointed that it's over, but entirely satisfied with what you've discovered.

So today, when we were walking around Marin, iIsaw a little bookshop on the corner and wanted to go inside. I had no idea what treasure I'd really found... It was a bookstore for extremely rare, valuable books: leather-bound, signed first editions by Whitman, Steinbeck, and Fitzgerald... the complete works of Poe from 1902... first editions of Tennyson from 1864 and 1870... and on and on, including collections worth over $9,000.

I was in heaven.
(And of course I couldn't leave without a book in hand.)

I really, really wanted an early edition of Gatsby but the owner literally laughed in my face when I asked her the price... So it became a tough choice between an 1899 copy of Alice in Wonderland and a 1903 print of Shakespeare's As You Like It... I had to go with Shakespeare.

It's love.